Accidents At Work

Many people are injured in accidents at work each year.  Regulations put in place by the Government’s Health and Safety Authority require employers to protect the health and safety of all employees by providing correct training, adequate supervision, suitable machinery and equipment, capable co-workers and a safe working environment. These regulations prevent many potential accidents in workplaces, but accidents can occur even where all these conditions are met.
Bringing a case will usually involve making a case against your employer’s insurance. It is your legal right to do this, and you should not let your employer persuade you not to pursue a case.

What Does an Accident at Work Case Cover?

If you have suffered in an accident at work, you may be entitled to compensation for:

•    Medical expenses, including treatment, medication, equipment and devices

•    Loss of wages if you are unable to work, temporarily or permanently

•    Any rehabilitation costs

•    Adaptations to your home and vehicle

•    Travel costs

If your accident relates to a disease you have contracted as a result of your workplace or working conditions, such as chemical or metal poisoning, a skin condition or a specific disease relating to your profession, you may also be able to pursue a case.  Other common injuries in the workplace are tinnitus and hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure.  These injuries can be serious and permanent and this will be reflected in the amount of compensation awarded for them.

How do I Proceed With A Case Relating To An Accident At Work?

The first step is to contact a solicitor who can advise you on the specific details of your accident and the process of bringing an injury case *.

Your solicitor will review all relevant information with you relating to the events leading up to the accident, the location of the accident, as well as the records of medical treatment required by you and will give you detailed advice as to how you should proceed.

At S.T.O’Sullivan & Co. Solicitors we have the 35 years experience in managing personal injury cases and have brought hundreds of cases before The Injuries Board since its inception in 2003.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or a proportion of any award or settlement.


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