All medical professionals are subject to rigid codes of practice that exist to protect patients and ensure consistent treatment and patient care. Complications can arise during even the most routine surgery or treatment, and these are usually not the fault of the medical professional in charge.

Occasionally, cases arise in which medical negligence occurs, and in these cases, it is possible to investigate your treatment by the person or institution involved. If you have experienced medical care that you believe was negligent, or are suffering as a result of orthopaedic negligence, it is important to speak to an experienced solicitor as soon as possible to establish whether you may bring a case.


Orthopaedic medical negligence is defined as a procedure or treatment that has been carried out incorrectly or to a poorer standard than could reasonably be expected in this case. For example, if a case is brought against a surgeon, it must be proven that a competent surgeon could have prevented the negative outcome that occurred, or that appropriate care or procedures were not followed. Medical negligence injuries in the orthopaedic field might include:

  •  Undiagnosed fractures, or delay in diagnosing fractures that has allowed negative outcomes to develop
    •    Unexpected and preventable problems occurring during routine hip, knee or elbow replacement surgery, including nerve damage
    •    Surgical errors, including carrying out surgery at the wrong site
    •    Post operative infection due to poor standards of hygiene or care
    •    Surgery for which full consent was not obtained
    •    The use of inappropriate or faulty equipment.

The court will need to establish that the outcomes of the case would have been likely to be more positive if carried out by a different medical professional, and that the team or individual in question did not uphold the standards required by the profession.

How to Proceed with your case

If you feel that you may be entitled to bring a case as a result of an injury sustained due to the negligence of a medical professional, it is important to consult with a solicitor experienced in this area of law.

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