Should I Settle My Personal Injury Claim Early?

Making a personal injury claim can be a challenging process, and it takes time.  It can be tempting to settle early if an insurance company offers what appears to be an attractive amount of money.  

Generally speaking, this is not a good idea because a claimant is unlikely to know the full extent of his/her injuries and what the future holds in medical terms.  If a claimant settles early he/she is taking a real risk of winding up with a much lower settlement than might otherwise be achieved.

At S.T. O’Sullivan & Co Solicitors, we have 35 years experience in dealing with the procedures and process of bringing a personal injury case to a successful conclusion and are aware of the burden that such litigation places on the injured party. In most circumstances, an early offer of settlement is a clear indication that the insurance company on the other side is aware of the likely outcome of the case and is simply trying to save money by offering you an incentive to settle early. It is always wise to take advice from an experienced professional if this kind of offer is made to you.


There are two main reasons for not settling your personal injury claim early, and these are:

  1. The settlement. An insurance company will carefully assess their financial exposure if they feel they are likely to lose a case.   It is usually in the interest of an insurance company to settle a case as early as possible because in most instances the cost of settlement increases as time goes on.  They are also acutely aware of the financial pressure on people and the fact that most claimants want the case to be over as quickly as possible.  However, the plaintiff should always take professional advice before settling.
  2. The end of the case. When you accept a settlement figure, this will be the end of the case and you will have no further options open to you.  In the case of a serious injury, settling too early may have very significant consequences for the claimant.


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