Farming: Possibly The Most Dangerous Job In Ireland?

Did you know that farmers in Ireland are ten times more likely to die in an accident at work than the average worker? This is a shocking statistic, and is the finding of a report into ‘Risk-Taking and Accidents on Irish Farms’, published last year.

This study showed that of 44 fatal accidents in the workplace that were recorded in Ireland in 2016, almost half occurred on farms. If you are working on a farm and have had an accident, it is important to take advise from a qualified solicitor on the matter. You may be entitled to make a claim for redress if your employer has not met the necessary legal requirements designed to protect you while at work.


Farming accidents can happen for a variety of different reasons, but the recent study showed that excessive risk taking behaviour by farmers could contribute to the worrying statistics summarised above.

Some of the most common accidents that occur on farms include:

  • Accidents involving farm machinery
    • Accidents involving animals
    • Slips, trips and falls
    • Accidents involving falling objects
    • Silo accidents

Farmers interviewed during this research reported that they often do not seek help for more difficult jobs, and they do not check that machinery or equipment is in good working order before using it or allowing employees to use it. 3% of farmers also reported that they store chemicals within reach of children, and many said that they do not usually use safety equipment.

The farmers who were most likely to have accidents were found to be those with larger farms and those who were unmarried. Both of these groups are statistically more likely to engage in risky behaviour while at work on the farm according to this study.


If you are an employee working on a farm, your employer should protect you from danger as far as possible. Your employer should ensure that you are issued with equipment that is in good working order and fit for purpose, and that you use the correct safety equipment at all times. If your employer has not done this, or has not trained you adequately to prevent an accident from occurring, and you have been injured as a result, you will be able to pursue a claim for redress.

If you have an accident while working on a farm, you should record what happened in as much detail as possible and include photographs of the scene of the accident.


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