1,000 Deaths Due To Medical Negligence In Ireland Every Year

At the recent ‘Pathways to Progress’ conference for lawyers, medical professionals and patients in Ireland, experts in this field discussed the statistics on deaths caused by medical error in Ireland, and calling the small number of such cases taken “the tip of a very murky iceberg.”. They identified the most common types of cases as those which relate to surgery (36%), medicine (24%), maternity (23%) and gynaecology (7.5%).

Recent figures show that around 1,000 people each year die unnecessarily as a result of medical error, and a further 160,000 hospital users experience an injury due to human error. These are scary statistics, but experts believe that they may not reflect the true scale of the problem as many people do not report injuries that occur in this way.

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is the term used to describe an instance in which medical care or treatment has fallen below the acceptable standards, and where it can be proven that a different medical professional or a different approach or diagnosis would have resulted in more positive outcomes for the patient. This includes cases in which diagnosis is delayed or incorrect, resulting in a treatment or lack of treatment that has worsened the condition.

All medical professionals are bound by the legal obligation to provide care that is of an acceptable standard, and where this is not the case, a patient or his or her family will be eligible for compensation. Medical negligence cases are particularly complex and the best way to gain accurate advice and bring a successful claim is to work with legal professionals who are experienced in this area.

Bringing a claim for Medical Negligence

We understand that undertaking such claims can be testing emotionally, especially since we rely on medical professionals to take care of us when we need it, but such negligence is not uncommon. Most people recognise that unfortunate situations can arise, and that over-stretched medics are often put under great pressure by the system they work within, but mistakes that cause injury to patients are never acceptable.

Seeking compensation for medical negligence can be a very complicated process, and certain legal procedures must be followed. You cane find more information about bringing a medical negligence case here

Medical Negligence Statute Of Limitations

In order to establish that you have a case for a medical negligence claim, you will need to discuss your experience and the resulting problems with a medical negligence solicitor. The advice of an experienced medical negligence solicitor is critical at this stage, given the complexity that can arise surrounding such issues.


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